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SunLife Psychology uses the science of psychology to change your behaviors, your thoughts, and your emotions. Psychology can help you improve how you feel about yourself and the way you interact with others. You have goals for your life and you should achieve them. If you are nervous about starting, our first session is free.

Personalized Treatment

Dr. Kedem provides personalized care designed to meet your unique mental health needs. This approach leads to better outcomes, improved quality of life and greater treatment satisfaction


Improved Overall Health

Reducing stress, managing symptoms, and improving communication and self-awareness can improve mental, emotional and physical health.


Evidence-Based Practice

Dr. Kedem provides treatments that have been proven effective through rigorous scientific research and clinical practice, so you can feel confident that you’re receiving the best possible care



Welcome to SunLife Psychology: Resilience, Self Awareness, and Overall Well-Being.

At SunLife Psychology, we believe that good mental health is essential to a happy and fulfilling life. Our mission is to provide high-quality therapy that helps individuals improve their mental health, overcome challenges, and achieve their full potential. We are committed to helping our clients live their best lives, with greater resilience self-awareness and overall well-being.

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Many of us struggle with a sadness that slows us down, saps our motivation and energy, keeps us in bed though we are awake. Sometimes we cry for no reason or don’t answer when friends and family reach out to us.


Stress is a normal part of everyday life that actually helps us manage our problems. Anxiety is when we worry too much about those problems. Thoughts race too fast and we have trouble sleeping and with our stomach, until it affects our health. Take the weight off your shoulders.


Sometimes something happens to us that makes us change the way we look at life forever. SunLife Psychology can’t go back intime to change your life, but we can help you heal.


There is a difference between enjoying substances and needing them every day. Your partner is sick of it, your family complains, and it is starting to affect your mood and your work. Do something about it.


Stress is the most common reason for work absences. You can manage your job, relationship, bills, studies, kids, and pet – but it is starting to affect your happiness. This is not how you imagined your life would be.


Are you with the right person? Do they appreciate you? Do you communicate in a loving way? Let’s make sure your relationship is in a healthy place, before it deteriorates into animosity.

Online Appointments & Consultations

Dr. Kedem offers convenient online appointments and consultations that are flexible, confidential for individuals dealing with mental health concerns. Receive the care you need from anywhere with an internet connection, and connect with Dr. Kedem in a safe and private setting.

Meet Dr. Sam Kedem

Dr. Kedem is a Clinical Psychologist from Miami who specializes in Posttraumatic Stress. He has worked in post-disaster (natural and man-made) counseling for over twenty years, ten of them in New York City. Although healing can be difficult and treatment goals can be demanding, he caters to the specific needs of the patient with a focus on improvement.

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